Agrochemical information

Accurate information supports agrochemical risk management

Agri-Intel provides access to key agrochemical information required for the development and implementation of successful crop protection strategies and the management of risks related to the use of agrochemical products. This includes agrochemical label information, maximum residue levels and crop plans.

  • Residue management (MRLS)

    Up-to-date MRL information to comply with market requirements

    Accurate and current information on local and international maximum chemical residue levels (MRLs) permitted on food crops is essential to ensure compliance with these requirements. Developments are underway to enable Agri-Intel to provide information on MRLs and associated preharvest intervals (PHIs) for the local market as well as various export destinations.

  • Label information (Database)

    Find specific registration information and download labels

    This section provides access to the database of all agrochemical products registered for use in South Africa, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and adjuvants. The database can be searched for specific actives and tradenames, the crops and targets on which these products are registered and other information regarding their application. In addition, the latest product labels can be downloaded here.

  • Crop plans

    Viable residue reduction strategies

    Crop plans are strategies designed to achieve effective, commercially viable pest and disease control and growth regulation, while reducing or eliminating chemical residues on the crop at harvest. Based on best agricultural practices and integrated pest management principles, these plans indicate all suitable agrochemicals and the most appropriate application times during the season. Crop plans are available for a selection of crops, including deciduous fruit and citrus.