Label information (Database)

Search for the latest label information

This section provides access to the information contained in the agrochemical database of products registered for use in South Africa. These products include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and adjuvants. Currently the database contains information on all available fruit registrations, and it is being expanded this year to include all grain and vegetable registrations, while simultaneously keeping up to date with any changes to existing as well as new registrations on fruit. Information can be obtained from the database in the various formats indicated below.

  • Download labels

    Obtain updated product labels

    Download the complete product labels in English and Afrikaans (where available) in PDF format.

  • Find registered actives and trade names

    Find suitable actives for specific crops or targets

    Search the database to determine on which crops or target pests, diseases or other conditions a certain active ingredient is registered ('Search by active ingredient'), or to find actives and trade names that are registered for use on specific crops or targets ('Search by crop type' or 'Search by target').

  • Obtain trade name and application information

    Access detailed information about a trade name

    Obtain detailed information on a specific trade name (label) from the database. Basic information about the trade name, such as its formulation type; the amount of active it contains; its product category, e.g., insecticide, fungicide, herbicide; its group code, e.g., IRAC, FRAC, HRAC; and its mode of action and translocation is available (‘Basic label information’). Furthermore, information regarding the registered use of the trade name, such as the dosages, basic instructions and restrictions applicable to the crops and targets on which the product is registered (‘Registration information’) and more detailed information on the application of the product (‘Application information’) can be obtained.

  • Compare labels

    Compare different labels of an active

    Compare two or more labels (trade names) of an active ingredient in terms of basic label information, for instance the formulation types and active quantities of the products; or registration information, such as dosages, basic instructions and restrictions applicable to the crops and targets on which the trade names are registered; or in terms of more detailed application information related to the selected trade names.