The agrochemical information source of preference

Access to accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible agrochemical information is essential in the successful management of crop protection strategies and the risks related to the use of agrochemical products in the highly competitive local and international markets.

Agri-Intel, a consortium of agricultural specialists working in close alliance with industry organisations such as CropLife South Africa, Fruitgro Science and the Fresh Produce Exporters' Forum (FPEF), is committed to providing web-accessible, current and correct agrochemical information to various stakeholders in the agriculture and export industries to assist in the mitigation of production and marketing risks related to the use of agrochemical products. The Agri-Intel website offers easy access to a comprehensive agrochemical database of all crop protection products registered for use in SA, and copies of the labels of all trade names available in the database can be downloaded from the website. Crop protection strategies (generally referred to as crop plans) for a number of major export fruit crops can also be downloaded. The crop plans indicate strategies for the reduction of chemical residues at harvest, while maintaining the production of high quality produce. Registered users can view this information by selecting Agrochemical information from the menu at the top. 

Further developments are under way to provide the latest maximum residue level (MRL) and preharvest interval (PHI) information for various markets and crops on the Agri-Intel website. The website will eventually also provide produce suppliers such as growers, packers, processors, exporters and importers with the facility to communicate information demonstrating their compliance with market requirements to their clients.

For more information on any of these matters, contact Agri-Intel telephonically or by email.